Send SMS messages from your Twilio account

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Send SMS and WhatsApp messages from your Glide App with Twilio

This integration lets you easily add powerful messaging and communication capabilities to your Glide app. If you want to send SMS notifications or WhatsApp messages from your apps, this integration is for you. Say goodbye to complex communication workflows and hello to a more seamless user experience with the Twilio integration for Glide.

Activating the Twilio integration in Glide

  • ↪ In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • ↪ In the Integrations menu, choose Twilio and select Add to app.
  • ↪ Next, you will to set your Twillio Account SID, Auth token, and From number.
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    Send an SMS message with Twilio
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  • Send WhatsApp Message
    Send a WhatsApp message using Twilio
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