NewsPublished June 21, 2020

Introducing Glide Organizations

Invite colleagues to build apps together. Explore new ideas, solve problems, and improve the way you work.

Introducing Glide Organizations

Many of the world’s largest companies have their own internal mobile apps, used only by their employees. Our dream at Glide is to give the superpower of creating internal apps to anyone, so today we’re giving every person in your company software development superpowers with Glide Organizations.

Internal Apps—Built from Spreadsheets

Your company does not have a spreadsheet budget, a spreadsheet team, or a tedious spreadsheet development process. Everyone in your company simply makes spreadsheets whenever they want to.

With a Glide Organization, you can invite your colleagues and start building apps to explore new ideas, solve problems, and improve the way you work.

Create an employee directory, a budget tracker, dashboards, inventory apps, room reservation apps, time trackers—anything you might already have a spreadsheet for. Or copy a ready-made app from the Template Store and customize it for your company.

Now you can replace expensive software that should have been a spreadsheet in the first place, with a Glide app.

The Backstory

Spreadsheets are the most successful programming tool of all time. For over 40 years, people have used spreadsheets to explore new ideas, build businesses, organize their lives, and even make music. The success of spreadsheets is due to their remarkable balance of simplicity, flexibility, and power; they’re simple enough that anyone can learn the basics in minutes, they’re flexible enough to adapt to new problems, and they’re powerful enough to solve problems people care about.

Our dream at Glide is to make creating software more like creating spreadsheets—easy enough that anyone can create software to explore an idea or solve a problem in minutes. At the same time, using software should not feel like using spreadsheets—it should be fast, familiar, impossible to break, and beautiful.

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