Glide Organizations

Give your entire team app development superpowers.

Empower anyone in your company to create custom apps, using the spreadsheets and skills they already have.

Simple Access Control

Restrict access to your app based on a list of emails, or to members of your Glide Org.

Maps & Geolocation

Display up to 1,000 pins per map to locate personnel, offices, assets & more.

GSuite Shared Drives

Power apps with sheets stored in GSuite Shared Drives for full collaboration from data to app.


Create many apps, and only pay if they get used.

Free ORG


Unlimited draft apps
Unlimited developers
Upgrade to publish

Create Free Org



/app user

10 private apps
Unlimited developers
Up to 100 app users
25k rows + 10GB storage per app
Limit login by org or email

Create Basic Org


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Unlimited developers
Unlimited private apps
Unlimited app users

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per app, billed annually

– Share app with a link
– App Store* & Google Play
– Use your domain
– Email support
– No Glide branding

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or $119 per app, monthly

Frequently asked questions.

  • Does the number of apps in my org affect the price?

    No. We only count the number of active app users, across your organization, each month, to determine your bill.

  • What counts as an active app user?

    An active app user is a user who used any of your org's apps in a given month. Users are only considered active if they are signed in with an authorized email address, so merely opening an app without signing in doesn't count.

  • Can I create public apps within an org?

    Not yet. Orgs are for private apps only for now.

  • Do you offer discounts for schools or non-profits?

    Please contact us for special pricing. Please explain how many apps you'd like to create, how they will be used, and how many users you expect.

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