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Unlimited apps & collaborators.
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Everything in Pro, plus
  • Unlimited internal apps
  • Pro apps à la carte
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • GSuite Shared Drives
  • SSO for collaborators


Deploy apps to thousands
of corporate users.
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Everything in Organization, plus
  • SLA
  • Custom SSO
  • Payment via PO
  • MSA on Glide paper
  • Enterprise Distribution


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Frequently asked questions.

Internal apps? Public apps? What's the difference?

Internal apps are used within your company and usually contain private information—for example, an employee directory or an inventory app. Public apps are shared outside your company—for example, a conference app or a product catalog.

How does billing work?

Internal apps are billed per active app user and you can create as many internal apps as you want. Public apps are billed per app and can have unlimited users. Try the calculator above to estimate your monthly bill.

What's an 'active app user'?

An active app user is someone who used any internal app in a given month. Users are only counted if they are signed in, so merely opening an app without signing in doesn't count.

Can I use public apps internally?

No, public apps are not for internal use.

Are active users counted per app?

No, we count the total active users for your organization. For example, five users using one app costs the same as five users using five apps, so use as many apps as you need!