NewsPublished May 1, 2023

Big Tables is now available

Unlock 10 million rows of data with our newest, high-scale data source.

Big Tables is now available

Meet Glide’s newest, high-scale data source

Today, we’re thrilled to extend the scale of custom business software you can build in Glide with Big Tables, available now. Big Tables is a Glide-hosted database built for demanding workflows, supporting up to 10 million rows of data while maintaining the data editing simplicity of a spreadsheet. Business and Enterprise plan customers can start building with Big Tables today. To get started, log in or start a free trial. Special thanks to our Glide Experts and beta community members for the invaluable feedback and engagement throughout the beta!

10 million rows for ambitious projects

Glide offers several popular spreadsheet-based data sources that can be mixed and matched: Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, and Glide Tables, which do not require connecting to an external data source. For these data sources, Glide supports up to 25,000 rows per project. Many businesses have needs that surpass our current 25,000-row limit and require a higher-scale data solution with the same lightning-fast performance they expect with Glide Tables. We’re excited to launch our high-scale data source that doesn’t require customers to set up their own database. No more worrying about provisioning, hosting, regions, or migrations. With Big Tables, you can unlock the power of a database with the simplicity and ease of Glide in a few clicks.

Database tricks without the database trickiness

With Big Tables, you can skip complicated setup. Quickly create a Big Table from scratch or import your existing business data in a few clicks.

Manage your Big Table with an intuitive spreadsheet-based interface that’s refreshingly easy to use. Add, edit, and delete rows at scale without writing SQL. Visualize your data with charts and labels to compare data sets, see patterns, and identify more opportunities from your data.

Search for any word or phrase across your Glide apps to quickly find the information you need. Summarize millions of rows of data into a single column to calculate totals, identify trends, and create custom reports.

Start today

Customers are already using Big Tables to manage large amounts of business data and build enterprise-scale apps and tools.

Big Tables is available on Business and Enterprise plans. You can learn more about what’s included in each plan on our pricing page.

Glide customers can access Big Tables by logging in and selecting “New Big Table” in the tables menu of the data editor.

If you’re not a customer yet, and want to experience database scale in Glide, sign up to create a free account or start a free trial today.

Still interested in learning more? Check out our docs.

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