Announcing Apps for Work

We're releasing a suite of professional created Apps for Work, that anyone can copy for free.

Jack, Content Lead / May 2021
Announcing Apps for Work

The world's software is like an iceberg—the portion above the water is public software that you find in App Stores or online; however, the majority of the iceberg lies under the water—this represents private software used within companies:


Our mission is to create a billion new software developers, and our focus is to help businesses create what we call "Apps for Work." Today we're releasing a suite of professional created Apps for Work, that anyone can copy for free.


These apps are ready for work

'Apps for Work' is a suite of professional templates specially designed to be used in the workplace. You can copy any of these for free, and we will keep adding new ones in the future.

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New Dashboard

Also, the dashboard has received many improvements recently. You can more easily manage the billing for your team, rename it, invite members, and transfer apps between teams:

Explore the new dashboard

Private Pro Trials

The 'Apps for Work' templates are available at the bottom of your dashboard. If you copy them, you'll get a free 14-day trial of the Private Pro plan to try out with your team:

Start you free trial

Work Together

Create teams and invite members to create & edit apps together. You can manage all the apps created by you and your team in a single place:

Start creating apps with your team

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