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NewsPublished December 22, 2023

Inspirational Ingenuity: The "Five Years of Glide" Community Challenge Winners

To celebrate five years of Glide, we challenged our community to share the apps they’re most proud of.

Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Community & Ecosystem

Inspirational Ingenuity: The "Five Years of Glide" Community Challenge Winners

2023 was Glide’s Year of Power. It was also our fifth anniversary.

To kick off the celebrations, we challenged our community members to share the Glide apps they’re most proud of. 

Five winners were chosen from all the entries:

As with our Glide Certified challenge, we wanted to learn more about our winners, their experience with Glide, and what advice they have for new Gliders.

Here’s what they had to say.

Sebastian Shergill

Sebastian built a Glide app to help foreigners find medical assistance in Japan.

What do you do?

I'm a consultant automating business processes with low-code & AI.

How do you use Glide?

I use Glide to make businesses and organizations better. I can look at their processes and create customized solutions tailored to their needs. Being able to find a problem or a pain point in any business, and almost always with Glide’s capabilities, I can solve that problem for them. It's very rewarding!

What's your favorite thing about Glide?

The fact that: Once I get an idea in my mind for an app, I can instantly start building and scaling it out in Glide. The flexibility of Glide's model is fantastic! You can make something as simple as tracking apps and to-do lists, to full-on business management systems with complex logic.

The only thing that is stopping you is your own creativity and current knowledge. Even then, you always have the thriving and helpful Glide Community for help and new ideas for your applications. 

Any advice for new Glide users?

Ideas for new apps are hard to come by when you only sit by yourself and work. Break the loop by asking businesses about their processes and start thinking of ways to build something in Glide that could be of value to them. Then, build it.

Matthias Siwy

Matthias made it easy for non-German speakers to sell on eBay Kleinanzeigen.

What do you do?

I'm Matthias Siwy, founder of nocodeapes, a no-code agency based in Berlin. We specialize in developing innovative solutions for various industries, especially mobility and logistics, using Glide.

My journey, starting with no coding background, led to the rapid development of apps that were crucial for scaling the companies I worked for before.

How do you use Glide?

Glide is our go-to tool for building apps for our clients that improve the way their employees and customers work. It allows us to quickly develop custom apps tailored to specific business needs, significantly streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

What's your favorite thing about Glide?

Glide's ability to cater for both beginners and experts, enabling the creation of simple yet complex applications, is what I appreciate most. It's an excellent tool for delivering effective solutions without any programming knowledge.

Do you have any advice for new Glide users?

For those new to Glide, I would recommend using the community for support and using online resources such as YouTube tutorials for quick learning and effective solution building.

Amaan Naseh

Amaan built a Glide app to showcasing his web skills with a virtual portfolio.

What do you do?

I am Amaan Naseh, a beginner Full Stack Web Developer and Data Scientist.

How do you use Glide?

I use Glide to ease my journey in web development by building apps without coding.

What’s your favorite thing about Glide?

My favorite thing about Glide is data sources. I love this feature as data can be made or extracted from Excel sheets as well as Google Sheets, and its automatic implementation into an app framework is excellent.

What advice do you have for new Glide users?

Explore as much as you can as Glide offers so many features and it is so easy to use.

Juanes Necoechea

Juanes is saving time for sales reps with a self-serve real estate app.

Five Years of Glide community challenge entry. Real estate app for sales agents.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Juan Esteban Necoechea, but most people know me as Juanes. As a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for running, I've found my true calling as the Director of Operations at Duplica.

Our mission is to assist companies in building custom-made solutions using Glide. By identifying and transforming manual and inefficient business processes, we create streamlined digital operations tailored to each client’s needs.

Based in the scenic Los Cabos, México, my expertise isn't limited by geography; we predominantly work with companies in Mexico and the United States. My dedication is to prepare businesses for the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving digital space, equipping them with tools and strategies to excel.

How do you use Glide?

At Duplica, Glide is our tool of choice for empowering SMBs with bespoke digital solutions. Our focus is on doubling their profits, freeing up valuable time, or boosting sales, depending on each business's unique needs and challenges. Our overarching mission is to enhance operational effectiveness and bolster the bottom line for these companies.

What's your favorite thing about Glide?

The Community: Becoming a Glide Expert and joining the Slack team opened up a world of collaboration and support. The insights and assistance from the Glide team and fellow experts have been invaluable, enabling us to deliver superior solutions to our clients and prospects.

UI Design: Glide's cross-platform compatibility (mobile, tablet, and computer) is something I particularly admire. Its intuitive design and scalability ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, making each app a pleasure to use and easy to adapt as needs evolve.

Any advice for new Glide users?

For developers, I highly recommend delving into Glide University and the community forum. These resources are gold mines for practical solutions to the real-world challenges you'll face.

Business owners looking to digitize or automate aspects of their operations should explore the wealth of templates Glide offers. And if you find yourself in need of guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to me for personalized assistance!

Gustavo Valero

Gustavo connected Glide to IoT devices through a common gateway.

Gustavo's IoT dashboard built in Glide

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am an engineer working with machines and industrial automation living in Venezuela. I try to make things simple but functional, efficiency must prevail over effectiveness in my work.

How do you use Glide?

In many situations and areas where a web solution is the key to creating a smart and profitable idea. If my Glide-based solution can reduce costs or improve a business using a great web interface, we all win.

For 2-3 years now, I've been trying to use or port Glide to the IoT market to have a beautiful and smart GUI capable of creating useful dashboards that handle real-time data coming from machinery anywhere in the world. 

What's your favorite thing about Glide?

The easy ways and alternatives that Glide gives you to solve a problem or create an idea. At least, Glide can have two ways to carry out an idea using its tools.

Nothing is easier than working with relations, filtering data using a query and reading/writing data to/from external applications using Glide components and data columns.

Any advice for new Glide users?

I have never seen or met so many "newbies" to web programming who also work as experts using a single tool like Glide. Glide makes this difference and that miracle exists for the good of all!

Gliders are full of innovation.

Helping residents find medical support. Making local commerce more accessible to non-native speakers. Showcasing technical skills with a virtual portfolio. Helping sales teams work more efficiently. Connecting physical IoT devices. 

This is just a sampling of what’s possible with Glide and a bit of ingenuity.

Thanks again to our winners, and to everyone who shared their apps during the challenge. There’s more to come in the new year!

Join us in the Glide community to be part of it.

What challenges will you solve with a Glide app?

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Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Andy’s no code journey started with WYSIWYG editors in the 90’s. He’s been on a grand tour of codeless development ever since. These days he’s wrangling Glide events, partnerships, and community activities from the remote Toronto suburbs.

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