Barcode Scanning with Glide & Airtable

Learn how to create a simple ticket barcode scanner for your event with Airtable & Glide.

Jack, Content Lead / May 2022

In this guide, we’re going to make a simple ticket barcode scanner with Glide & Airtable.

Our app will have a list of scanned ticket numbers and a button that scans new ones and adds them to the list. At the top of our app, we’ll have a progress bar showing how many tickets have been scanned, and all of this will sync directly with our Airtable base.

Let’s dig in!

notion image

Logging tickets

Here’s a table of existing ticket numbers that have been logged.

notion image

In Glide, we’ll create a new app and pick this Airtable base as the source.

Glide creates a basic app as a starting point. This is a list screen, and it’s currently showing all the rows in our table.

notion image

List screens are great for showing lots of records, but you can’t add things like buttons to them. So let’s change this screen type to a details screen. Now, we can add components.

We’ll add a barcode scanner button and an inline list.

notion image

We’ll make sure the barcode scanner is connected to our ticket number column.

notion image

And we’ll make sure the inline list is showing the records from our tickets table.

Now, when we scan new tickets, they’ll show up in the list and be logged as new rows in Airtable.

Progress bar

Next, we need to create the progress bar.

Firstly we need a value that the progress bar can count. So, in the data editor, we’ll create a rollup column and make it count up all the unique values in the ticket number column.

notion image

Next, we’ll add the progress bar and set the column to the rollup we just created.

We have 100 tickets in total, so we’ll set the minimum to 0 and the maximum to 100.

notion image

Now, the progress bar updates every time we add new tickets, and we can see clearly how close to full our event is.


So that’s a very quick look at barcode scanning in Glide. Barcode scanning can fit into a lot of complex workflows, so if you’re interested, make sure you check out our university to learn more.

Build your own Barcode Scanner in Glide

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