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The Airplane Alternative to Help you Build (or Rebuild) Powerful Business Apps, Quickly

Airplane is sunsetting in March — Glide will help you quickly build new interfaces for your existing business data, and get back to work fast

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Head of Content

The Airplane Alternative to Help you Build (or Rebuild) Powerful Business Apps, Quickly

On January 3, it was announced that Airtable acquired Airplane and will be integrating their technology into Airtable. Unfortunately, that means Airplane’s platform will be sunsetted by March 1st, leaving many businesses without essential app interfaces for their business data. This is a critical time for Airplane users to decide where they want to rebuild the internal tools that are so important to them. 

Choose a new app-building platform

Glide is a powerful platform that has a fast, intuitive no code interface, connections to the data sources you’re already using, and useful features like AI actions and Call API. With Glide, you’ll be able to create new front ends for your most important data and get back to work fast.

Using Airtable is always an option. However, their acquisition of Airplane doesn’t necessarily make that transition any easier for you. Airtable is more focused on data management than creating custom data interfaces, so you may be forced to migrate both your front end and your data sources — not ideal.

You may as well consider this a fresh start. Take this time to look at Glide, and see how it can be the best platform to help you rebuild your most essential apps quickly and continue to build more as your business grows in the future.

Keep using your existing SQL databases

Your business data and the databases you use to store it are essential to the functioning of your business. Glide connects to a wide range of data sources, including the SQL databases many Airplane apps run on. This means you can just connect your existing data sources, such as BigQuery, SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres, to your new Glide front end simply and easily.

Rebuild your apps quickly

If you’re running critical business workflows through Airplane, the situation is urgent. You’ll need all of your apps fully transitioned well before the March 1st deadline so you can continue business operations without a hitch. Glide apps can be assembled and launched quickly without the need for any time-consuming custom coding.

If you need extra support getting up and running fast, you can hire a Glide Expert to migrate all your existing apps for you and train your team to maintain them in Glide.

Learn how to use Glide with an easy learning curve

Glide is easy to learn and intuitive to use. While Airplane is code-first, Glide allows you to build much of the same functionality without using any programming at all, making it an accessible platform for your whole team. 

It also provides a helpful learning management system that includes Glide University for comprehensive courses, Docs for specific technical information, and a thorough selection of videos to learn from. You can use Glide without any coding experience, making it an accessible platform for all skill levels. 

Create mobile adaptive apps with attractive user interfaces

Glide apps are automatically adaptive, ensuring that they are fully functional and well-designed on any device. There is no need to design your app twice for desktop and mobile or custom code adjustments for each. Every app you build will have an intuitive user interface and modern design. SSO and white labeling mean you can be equally proud to launch your apps for internal teams or for your customers.

Try Glide for free to see what it can do for you

Glide is the Airplane alternative you need to rebuild your data interfaces quickly and get back to work. Glide has the essential features you rely on in Airplane, such as webhooks, role-based permissions, notifications, Slack integration, and SSO. It has robust data capabilities and power to support small teams, growing businesses, and extensive enterprises. Most importantly, it allows you to build apps with ease, helping you wether this transition with minimal disruption to your team. 

Come explore Glide and see how easy it can be.

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