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Maximize Revenue as a No Code Freelancer or Agency Part 1: Optimizing your Glide Experts Program Benefits

Get the most out of the support that Glide offers for people building apps for clients

Brett Haralson

Brett Haralson

Glide Experts

Maximize Revenue as a No Code Freelancer or Agency Part 1: Optimizing your Glide Experts Program Benefits

If you’re using Glide to build apps for clients and you’re not in the Glide Experts Program, you’re quite literally leaving money on the table. The Glide Experts program is designed specifically to support freelancers and agencies and provide them with a plethora of tools to help them grow their businesses.

We want to make sure that everyone building for their clients in Glide gets the full benefit of this program, and knows how to use it to its full potential.

We’ve seen freelancers turn Glide from a side gig into a lucrative full-time job, and even hire support and start their own agencies off the back of their success. We’ve seen $2,000 in earnings per month turn into $5,000 per month turn into a $30,000 per month business. We want every one of our freelancers and agencies to see that level of success.

“It's pretty mind-blowing that using a platform like Glide, we've built 274 projects so far across several different industries and needs, including Fortune 500 companies.  - Jesus Vargas, Founder of LowCode Agency

Read on to learn Glide’s best advice for how to grow your revenue with the Experts Program, use the Agency Plan to promote your business, and get the most out of the support we have built for you.

Build your income with revenue-sharing

As an Expert, you also get access to revenue-sharing for any new clients you bring to Glide. That’s an automatic paycheck every month, with no additional work. Community Experts get one year of 20% revenue share per client, while Certified Experts get two years at 20% revenue share. That income adds up fast.

Over time, the revenue sharing began to grow. Once I became automatically attached to client team folders, I saw an exponential increase in my monthly revenue, and now my rev share is almost covering my entire mortgage! - Robert Petitto, Glide Certified Expert

Let’s look at what revenue sharing for a growing business could add up to over a year. A Community Expert with 3 clients to start, who adds 1 client a month at an average plan mix of $100 per month, would be making $840 in passive income by the end of the year.

A Certified Expert in the same scenario (making 20% revenue share for two years) would end up earning $1,560 per month by the end of their second year. That’s an extra $7,000 in recurring revenue over the course of two years on top of the income you’re making from client contracts.

You’ll get access to your earnings through PartnerStack, and you can use your Experts Hub account to see all your clients in one place, access pending payouts from PartnerStack, and get important announcements from Glide. We recently added the Business Simulation feature to the Experts Hub so you can calculate how much revenue you can potentially earn with build fees plus recurring revenue on Glide.

Use the Agency Plan to sell your services

You can win business much more easily when you can demonstrate the value of your services in a tangible way. This is what the Glide Agency Plan is designed to do. This plan gives you the ability to start 30-day free trials for prospective clients without having to put a credit card down. 

This is a great way to create working mockups of apps to show clients the power of what you can build for them. When you’re ready to sign them on, everything will already be set up for an easy onboarding.

The best way to work with Glide and your clients is to:

  1. Create a new 30-day free trial team for your client

  2. Build your client's app inside the new team

  3. Ensure the correct plan is selected for your client and upgrade (or have them enter their billing details)

  4. Receive automatic revenue sharing from the team when they upgrade

Build for clients on their own teams, not yours

Your client’s apps should always be built on their teams, not yours. No apps that could eventually be owned by a client should be built on your account. This helps you professionally in a few ways:

  • Building in your client’s team allows you to create a safeguard between completing the work and getting paid. Once your client pays for the build you can grant them admin to the team. 

  • Teams are priced based on usage; it makes it easier to assign the correct plan to the client's needs

  • Easier to manage multiple clients when they are in their own teams

  • Each client in their own team is more secure; you don't want clients having the possibility of accessing each others' data

  • You can end client relationships when you have to and hand over their app more easily. Having your clients’ projects on their own teams gives you control of your work.

Also notable - some clients already have an existing team before they enlist the help of an Expert. If you are hired by them and you’re the first Expert to join their team, you’ll automatically be enrolled in revenue sharing for that team.

Share advice and expertise with your peers

Glide has an active community of experienced and talented people building with no code. This community is one of the greatest resources available to you. Engage with the Community Forum, events, and roundtable conversations to learn from your peers.

In these forums, you can understand best business practices from other pros, learn how other agencies are nailing their work, and even get detailed technical insight that will help you build better apps. Learn how people are using JSON or accessing complicated SQL data queries. This information will help keep you on the cutting edge, building advanced and sophisticated apps as the tech evolves.

Use Glide’s resources to grow your client base

Achieving Certified Expert status comes with other benefits that can help you grow your business.

You can increase your visibility and credibility by putting your Glide Certified Expert badge on your website, on your social media, and on your LinkedIn account. Check out the Experts Hub to access additional resources for promoting your business on Linkedin.

Let the Glide team know about the interesting things you’re building, and you may be featured in our Experts Spotlight, which goes out to thousands of customers. We want to drive business towards our Experts, so we shout them out on email channels, social media, the blog, and our case studies. Certified Experts can also have a profile in the Experts Directory and can be searchable by clients looking for help building their apps.

Oscar Brooks was one no code builder who was promoted in our Experts Spotlight. As a result, he got so overwhelmed with customer demand that he ended up hiring a team and creating V88 Agency, which is one of the highest-profile Glide agencies today. We want to see that level of success across the board. 

Have a hand in the future of software for businesses

We want to get Glide apps into the hands of as many businesses as possible. Glide Experts are at the heart of that mission, and we want to give you every tool in our arsenal to help build successful businesses for both you and your clients.

The Experts Program is fundamentally built with you, your business, and your workflow in mind. The very fabric of the program centers around direct communication with Glide and each other for growth, insights, and knowledge. We view the Experts as our partners in this journey and share our plans first with them.

There hasn’t been a better time to join. Let’s write the software of the future one business use case at a time. Together.

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Brett Haralson

Brett Haralson

Glide’s Miami-based Head of Experts, Brett has 20 years of experience in community and partner-led growth initiatives. His goal at Glide is to create the best experience for Experts while helping businesses get the resources they need to succeed in creating custom solutions. Cocktail connoisseur, amateur chef, and Certified Geek.

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