Comparing Glide to AppSheet

AppSheet pioneered building apps from spreadsheets. Glide elevates this idea.

With a focus on performance, usability, and modern app design, forward-looking companies are making the switch from AppSheet to Glide. Import your Google Sheet to build a better app today.

Why are people switching from AppSheet to Glide?

Easy & fun to use

AppSheet's app builder is confusing and difficult to use. Glide is easy to learn and fun to use.

Better apps

Glide apps are smooth, fast, and familiar. AppSheet apps are slow, awkward to use, and don't feel like normal apps.

No download required

AppSheet requires users to download a host app first. Glide apps open instantly from a link and can be added to your homescreen.

An app builder is only as good as the apps you can build with it.

Glide helps you create polished, high-performance apps that look and feel like the other apps on your phone or tablet. This includes a custom app icon on your homescreen, smooth scrolling, and a modern style that keeps users engaged.

Glide apps update in realtime—no need to press 'Sync'

Glide apps update immediately as users edit data. For example, if a user checks a checkbox, other users will see the change within seconds. With AppSheet, users have to manually sync changes, so you never know when your app is out of date.

As familiar as a spreadsheet, but much easier to use.

Your Glide app is 'programmed' from your spreadsheet, or Glide's built-in Data Editor. The Data Editor has powerful calculated columns that can transform your data, without writing any formulas. Privacy and permissions can also be controlled from the Data Editor.

Glide is so much more user-friendly than AppSheet. The app I built is now pivotal to the continued operation of the company—not just the business but also for the safety and general wellbeing of employees.

Cris GonzalesTeleTech

Ok, I’m ready. How do I make the switch?

Making the switch from AppSheet is easy. Start a free Glide account, choose your Google Sheet, and give it a test drive.

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