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File and Image Pickers

Let users upload files and images to your projects

The File Picker Component is available in both Apps and Pages, but configuration options may differ slightly.

The File Picker and Image Picker components allow users to upload files and images to your projects. Once you upload a file or an image, Glide converts these files to links that can be displayed in your projects, or downloaded by users.


You can add the File Picker or Image Picker to Forms, or Details/Custom Screens. Once you add the component, select a column from your Data Source where you’d like the file or image links to be stored. Then, you can select the component’s Title using a column from your data or type in a Custom Value.

Configuring the File Picker
Configuring the File Picker

If a user exits the app or the screen while the file is uploading, the file may not be uploaded properly.

Security and Storage Quotas

Files and images are uploaded to Glide’s server and there is a storage limit based on your team’s current plan. Check out Glide’s pricing guide to learn more about the different plans that are available.

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