Display multiple addresses as an interactive map.

The Map component displays address data as an interactive map in your app, dropping a pin on as many locations as you choose.

The map component in an app.

Adding and Setting Up the Map component

  1. In the Layout Editor, select the tab you want to edit.

  2. Click on the plus (+) symbol in the Components panel.

  3. Find Content in the menu and select Map.

  4. Give the map a title.

  5. In the Items Data Section, Title will be the text that displays on the pin.

  6. Description will appear under the title on the pin callout.

  7. You can type in an address manually, or pull addresses from a column in your data source.

  8. You can include an image for the pin callout if desired.

  9. Choose an aspect ratio and style for the map, and what style you'd like for the pin.

  10. Show or hide navigation controls, allow or disallow zooming with a scroll, and choose if you want to limit the number of items on the map.

Adding Actions to a Map Component

You can trigger Actions in two areas of the map component: the Title Bar action and the Item Click action.

Title Bar Action

  1. In the Actions tab, locate the Title Bar Action section.

  2. Click the Add primary action button.

  3. Select and configure the desired action.

You can add as many actions as you'd like. Additional actions will be displayed as a secondary button or in the dropdown section of the title bar.

Item Click Action

The Item Click Action triggers when a pin is selected.

  1. In the Actions tab, locate the Item Click Action section.

  2. The Show Detail Screen action is added by default, but you can change this to any other action you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

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