Add text to your app.

The Text component adds text in different styles and formats to your app. You can choose to use text from your data, or enter custom values manually.

Adding and Setting up a Text Component

  1. In the Layout Editor, select the tab you want to edit.

  2. Click on the plus (+) symbol in the Components panel.

  3. Find Text in the menu and select Text.

  4. Use the menu in Text to select values from a column in your table to display, or select Custom to enter a Custom Value for this field.

    • If you're selecting values from a column in your table, you can select any column that contains alphanumeric characters.

  5. Select a text Style for the component.

  6. Use Align to choose the desired text alignment.

Headline Text Components

The Headline component is preconfigured to use a Headline style of text.

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