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Homeshield Scotland is a family-run business that strives to be a “One-Stop-Shop” for all home improvement needs. The company specializes in windows and doors, but also helps homeowners with solar panels, gas boilers, rough casting, roof replacement, and more. When Connor Robertson joined the company three years ago, the team of ten was running its lengthy processes with paper, Excel files, and several old-school filing cabinets.

Connor's was originally tasked with building out a digital CRM for the company to store files and information and help the pipeline of the work move along. He soon hired Grant Watson to manage the IT, networking, and tech support. Together, they quickly found ways to automate many of the manual processes that took too long. That's where they discovered Glide, a tool they both say their team can't run without today.

While the rest of the team was initially skeptical of using no-code software to update how they'd been working for years, they soon got so much value that they expanded the use of the platform into four distinct Glide apps that run the whole business today. The first is a marketing app that helps capture raw leads and customer inquiries. The second is a sales app where prospect appointments are routed to the appropriate sales representative. Sales representatives can also use that app to capture feedback and notes from customer meetings. The third is a deals database where deals are reported and tracked over time with specific information about installations and requirements. Finally, a survey app allows for a technical surveyor to revisit the customer's house, take manufacturing sizes for the bespoke product, and then send information to the manufacturer. Glide powers the entire system, automating marketing emails and personalizing those emails based on the experience that a customer has had.

They are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve their system. Their next challenge is to make a digital contract through Glide to eradicate paperwork entirely. They are very invested in Glide and will continue to use it as much as possible. They are excited to see what comes next for Glide and Homeshield.

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