InspirationPublished December 7, 2023

The Tech That Defined Us

A video to celebrate our story - and your story - to close out 2023




We made a video that we would love you to share.

The most important thing we’ve learned about our customers over the last five years isn’t their industry, company size, or budget.

It’s the fact that we have a LOT in common.

Every conversation with a Glide user quickly spirals into an enthusiastic discussion of database structures, favorite video games, or lately, artificial intelligence.

We’re techies. Hackers. Nerds. Innovators. Gamers. But most of all, we’re builders.

To pay homage to our mutual love of technology and software, we wanted to create a video that would remind all of us how we got to where we are today. Working in technology is awesome, and we didn’t get here by accident.

The first time you attended a LAN party, the first time you sold a burnt CD to a friend… the first time you fixed the S Video connection on your TV (and your parents thought you were a genius).

These were all stepping stones on the path to a career in technology.

So let’s close the year 2023 out with a little bit of nostalgia, and a lot of appreciation and love for you, for us, and for the millions around the world whose lives were defined by technology; and who in turn, defined technology for the world.

We hope that you enjoy!

With full hearts,

The Glide team

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