InspirationPublished December 4, 2023

Unaligned with Robert Scoble: Glide, codeless software development with AI

CEO David Siegel talks AI, business software, and the development of no code technology with the legendary Robert Scoble

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Head of Content

“If anything can make software development more accessible, it's AI”

Robert Scoble uses his podcast, Unaligned, to interview the best entrepreneurs in the world of AI and innovation. He sat down with Glide CEO and Founder David Siegel to delve deep into how Glide approaches building software with AI and where they think the future of AI in business is developing.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation:

Robert: I wanted to talk to you because you actually have real customers in real warehouses doing things in the real world. A lot of AI companies are still about to go to the customer.

What are you learning about how normal everyday people are learning about AI-based software?

David: We're approaching 10,000 apps this year connected to our AI services, so people are trying, and they're really curious….It’s just a new capability that no one's wielded before.

I would say we're in a learning phase. Companies are interested. People are busy. I think that it's a great time to be someone doing a startup or trying to translate this exciting new world to traditional businesses and help them adopt it.

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Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Leading Glide’s content, including The Column and Video Content, Wren’s expertise lies in no code technology, business tools, and software marketing. She is a writer, artist, and documentary photographer based in NYC.

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