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From Glide to Workable: The Best Recruitment Management Tools of 2022

The best recruitment management tools for your organization’s HR needs — analyzed. Find out how to supercharge your hiring process with the best software for managing new talent.

From Glide to Workable: The Best Recruitment Management Tools of 2022

HR teams are no strangers to hard work, but recruiting new talent is a challenge that overwhelms even the best hiring managers.

There are job postings to create, applications to sort through, interviews to organize, and tough decisions to make. A single slip from the hiring team could cause the top talent to be snapped up by the competition in a blink.

That’s why you need a powerful recruitment management system to help you streamline the talent acquisition process. From creating and designing job boards to sorting through resumes to helping schedule interviews with qualified candidates — RMS tools enable you to automate the worst parts of recruitment so that you can focus on what really matters.

But how do you find the right talent management tool to help you along your HR journey? Here’s a handy list of the best recruitment management software currently in the market, categorized and ranked.

What to Look for in the Best Recruiting Software

When picking the right recruitment software for your organization, there are two possible routes you can take: general and specific.

General recruitment management solutions are all-purpose software packages that help you manage the entire recruitment process. But there’s also a large number of context-specific solutions that can also come in handy during your recruitment journey.

Of course, even among those general recruiting tools, there are options that excel at one particular space. From job aggregation to interviewing and assessment — securing new hires is a multi-step process that requires any number of niche solutions.

While the exact features you’re looking for will vary widely depending on your workflow and your use case, here are some things you may want to look for in a recruitment management solution:

  • Job boards

  • Applicant tracking system

  • Screening and sorting features

  • Interview management

  • Third-party integrations

  • Reviewing and evaluation tools

  • Recruitment marketing

  • Social recruiting

  • Two-way communication

There are tools specializing in one or more of these features (like LinkedIn), and there are tools that do a little bit of everything (such as Workable). Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best and most feature-rich recruitment management tools currently available:

Glide: The Best Bespoke Recruitment Management Tool

Glide is a no-code development tool that lets you build powerful apps for work. It lets you easily turn your spreadsheets into apps for web and mobile without learning how to code. With a growing library of dedicated templates for HR, Glide lets you take control of your entire hiring process from interviewing candidates to onboarding new employees.

What sets it apart from other recruitment management systems is that Glide is an entirely custom solution made to the requirements of your organization. Instead of having to rely on an external tool with set features, you get to create your own recruitment management system — complete with its own workflow — from scratch.

While that may sound challenging, Glide makes app development exceedingly simple. Just connect your existing spreadsheets to the Glide platform and let it build a fully-functional recruitment system for you based on readymade templates. Then, customize your app however you see fit using a simple but intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Workable: Best for Job Posting and Candidate Research

Workable offers a single interface for identifying, monitoring, tracking, and evaluating potential job seekers. With over 20,000 clients across the world, Workable lets you publish your job postings to over 200 websites to help you find the right candidate from the talent pool.

But that’s not it. Workable features a powerful artificial intelligence-driven applicant tracking and evaluating system that enables you to see candidate recommendations based on preset criteria. You also gain access to the company’s own database of 400 million candidate profiles.

Workable offers an ample collection of third-party integrations with platforms like Namely and BambooHR. This lets you further expand your recruitment workflow with the right tools. Workable also features smartphone applications to let you keep track of applicants on the go. The platform also comes with lots of helpful resources and great customer support.

BambooHR: The Best Applicant Tracking System for HR

BambooHR is great candidate management and applicant tracking software company for small to mid-sized businesses. It lets you set up a custom careers page on your website and sync job openings across platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Craigslist. You can also easily share job postings across your company’s social media channels.

BambooHR features a meticulous applicant tracking system that lets you organize candidate information and collaborate with your team to find the best potential hires. It also helps improve the candidate experience with a suite of preboarding and onboarding tools, including offer letter templates and employment contracts.

However, while a great recruitment and employee management system for small businesses, BambooHR may not be the best fit for corporations and enterprises that take on international employees. Remote and distributed teams will also have a hard time tracking employees outside the US.

A Few Other Recruitment Management Tools to Consider

SurveySparrow: SurveySparrow is a piece of HR software that serves to enhance the candidate experience on top of your recruiting platform. While it does not boast the typical features of a recruiting solution, SurveySparrow lets you gather employee feedback throughout the recruitment process, from application to onboarding. It does this thanks to a highly intuitive surveying platform that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of employee engagement.

Lever: Lever is an innovative applicant tracking system with a focus on diversity and inclusion. With 2,500 clients across the world including Netflix and Spotify, Lever boasts state-of-the-art applicant tracking features to help you recruit the best talent. Lever bills itself as a complete ATS+CRM tool for human resource management, making it an all-purpose solution that can help you manage your complete hiring process.

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Software For You

As with any other type of software, the best recruitment solution will vary greatly based on your ideal workflow. Start by making a list of all the features that you need from your recruitment management system — then look up each provider on this list to see if they match the necessary features.

However, if you’re unsure about which route to take, Glide helps you build completely custom recruitment management solutions that are tailored to your organization’s needs. You can pick and choose the features you need and build entirely bespoke solutions based on prebuilt templates from Glide’s template library. Why not sign up for a free account and see if Glide is the best recruitment management software for you?

Build your own RMS today using Glide.

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