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Using Custom Software to Transform Property Management

Oscar Brooks from V88 describes how he uses Glide to build a work order management app without code for field ops and property management.

Using Custom Software to Transform Property Management

InPart 1 of the Field Ops Playbook, I discussed common problems faced by field operations professionals. InPart 2, I shared a case study where I helped a company create a custom inspection app without code. In this piece, I provide another example involving a property management client.

Helping a Property Management Client Build a Custom App Without Code

At V88, we have built a wide range of solutions for property businesses. In the fast-paced world of property management and property maintenance, field operations are becoming an increasingly important part of the process, with approximately 34% of US households being rented. Streamlining these operations is becoming more essential for efficient service delivery. As I have learned, traditional management of field operations in this sector used to involve cumbersome paperwork, spreadsheet-heavy systems, manual processes, and over-complex software solutions. The rise of No-Code, with Glide at the forefront, has revolutionized this landscape by providing property professionals with an agile, cost-effective approach to optimize their unique field operations processes. Using some examples, I have outlined how Glide has empowered property management companies to take their field operations to the next level.

Goodbye Filing Cabinet, Hello Custom Interface!

We are repeatedly told how important it is that administrative staff have an overview of what’s happening. Dedicated administrative portals provide teams with intuitive visual interfaces, accessible at the desk on Mac/PC, or as mobile apps on the go. Typical processes carried out by administrative team members might include:

  • Assigning work orders to relevant contractors

  • Analyzing staff time sheets

  • Communicating with team members and tenants

  • Reporting on properties under management and associated work orders, contracts, and tenancies

Amirez, a V88 customer manages a portfolio of 250 properties with Glide.

Work Order Management Without Code

A custom app for contractors/field technicians is a fantastic way to simplify the work order management process. Typically, our customers' contractors use a mobile app to receive and handle work orders. Here are some of the benefits based on what our customers say:

Streamlined Task Assignment

Property businesses that we've worked with tend to rely heavily on manual task assignment such as phone call or email. Using Glide, contractors can receive work orders directly through their custom app, eliminating the need for manual assignment or communication. We often provide them with a view for all work orders across their team, and a dedicated view for work orders they're directly assigned to, so they can see an overview of the whole picture or a simple list of their jobs.

Faster Task Completion

An unsorted list of to-dos is frustrating, as we all know. Tasks can be sorted and optimized based on factors that really matter to an organization, such as location, urgency, or availability, to minimize travel time, prioritize, or allocate resources more efficiently.

Documentation and Reporting

How can anyone improve a process without knowing which pieces of the puzzle take up significant time and resources? Using custom forms to capture data and updates, contractors can now document their work, including things like materials used or time spent resolving an issue. Administrators can analyze team performance and which properties cost more over time in terms of maintenance. Having this historical data is essential for teams to understand how they can further optimize their process.

A Stress-Free Tenant Experience

As mentioned in my previous article, time is money. Property managers can spend hours every week answering calls and emails from tenants who are typically reporting issues or following up on something. Introducing a tenant app for boutique letting agent Silverbirch has resulted in a 75% reduction in inbound calls and emails to the office. With the app, tenants can report issues, monitor the progress of their requests in real-time, and access any documentation or contracts associated with their tenancy. Spending less time talking with tenants and more time resolving their issues allows this type of business to grow significantly and manage a larger portfolio without the need for additional team members. In addition, improving service to tenants tends to increase the percentage of renewals at the end of contracts.

Silverbirch Boutique Estate and Lettings Agency uses Glide to seamlessly manage tenant requests.

By eliminating manual processes, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency, we empower property management companies to deliver exceptional service, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in today's competitive market. Embracing Glide's technology can transform field operations for property management businesses, revolutionizing the way they manage and maintain properties.

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