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How V88 is Helping SG Survey Scale Their Field Operations with Custom Software

How inspection companies can benefit from custom software

How V88 is Helping SG Survey Scale Their Field Operations with Custom Software

In Pt. 1 of the Field Ops Playbook, I gave an overview of field operations, common issues that make it hard to manage, and how custom solutions can help address some of these challenges. In this piece, I’ll discuss how we worked with one company SG Survey to implement custom software and streamline their inspection process.

SG Survey: Global Marine Surveyors

SG Survey is a UK-based company that specializes in assessing commercial and private yacht builds across the globe. Their international team of surveyors is responsible for submitting detailed reports on commercial ships and super-yachts during the production process, which can sometimes take several years to complete.

The Problem

SG Survey experiences common field operations issues when it comes to collecting and sharing data. They have been using generic apps and spreadsheets, which are not only slow and complicated, but also not tailored to their specific needs or to mobile/tablet use. This has resulted in understandable inefficiencies in their operations, causing delays and frustrations throughout the entire production cycle.

SG had considered custom software solutions before but found them to be expensive and time-intensive. These solutions also lacked the crucial ability to quickly and easily evolve as business needs changed.


Lee Warltier, Director at SG Survey, was introduced to us at V88 after discussions with several traditional software houses. We listened to his requirements and used Glide to build a custom prototype that demonstrated what an interface might look like across multiple devices, streamlining their surveying process. The prototype enabled surveyors to submit detailed reports on every aspect of the production process, allocate tasks with reminders, and communicate with external contractors. For example, an electrician can view all electrical problems on a given boat and resolve them one by one. All observations and reports also have comments, so surveyors can communicate within the solution. Lee and his team were impressed with how quickly we were able to harness Glide and turn our conversations into a working prototype in just a couple of days.

Based on the team's review and feedback, we have refined the prototype and are now proceeding to create a full solution for SG to handle their requirements across a global network of shipyards. This is a perfect example of how smart use of Glide can deliver a meaningful solution for field operations businesses, saving time and money, improving internal communications, and engaging with external stakeholders.


Our work with SG Survey highlights the advantages of using Glide for modernizing field operations companies. Glide is especially useful for businesses that need to quickly create custom solutions and then iterate as needs change and scenarios evolve. By using Glide, these businesses can streamline their processes and start seeing benefits in just weeks.

In the case of SG Survey, Glide is helping the company grow and take on more work while still maintaining its reputation for exceptional levels of service and craftsmanship.

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