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Fusing No-Code Automation and AI with Glide + Bardeen

A recap of our Build with Glide + Bardeen session, where we built a prospecting app on data scraped from the web and stored in Google Sheets.

​Supercharge your prospecting with Glide +, the ultimate fusion of no-code automation and AI. ⚡️🤖

With Glide + you can create automated processes and custom apps using just your browser, no coding required. ​This is a great solution for businesses and professionals who want to make life easier by building automations quickly and easily.

Andy Claremont and Ivan Escobar, the Heads of Community for Glide and show you how to build a powerful app for prospecting at scale. ​We cover:

  • ​Using to automate tasks in your browser

  • ​Scraping and storing data in Google Sheets

  • ​Using Glide to quickly build and launch a functional web app

Key Takeaways

  • is a free Chrome extension that lets you run automated workflows in your browser. You can choose from pre-existing workflows or create your own custom workflows from scratch in their visual builder.

  • Because runs in your browser, their scraper works on practically any website, and lets you save the scraped data to a wide range of destinations.

  • If you save scraped data to a supported Glide data source, you can build a Glide app on top of that data. In our demo, we scraped LinkedIn search results for a prospecting app, and enhanced it with additional functionality, like custom actions, notes, and statuses.

  • You can use to keep the data updated. For example, you can create a workflow to update rows in a Google Sheet when the source, like a webpage, changes.

  • Together, and Glide unlock a world of new opportunities for combining the power of no-code AI, automation, and apps. What we covered in our demo is only the beginning.

Thank you to Ivan from for joining us. You can learn more about their platform on the YouTube channel and in their community.

Build With Glide is a recurring series where Glide Experts and special guests demo existing Glide apps or build new apps from scratch. See all the recordings on our YouTube playlist.

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