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Jack, Content Lead / May 2022

This is our knowledge base in Airtable — it helps HR communicate and manage company policies.

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HR loves using the Airtable base to add and moderate policies, but employees don’t find it easy to read.

With Glide, we can create a simple, beautiful app, powered by this airtable base that will impress new employees and encourage them to discover more about company policies and perks.

In Glide, we’ll create a new app, and pick our base as the source.

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This base has one table, so the app only shows one screen — with all the records from that table. We can style this list — but our data doesn’t have any images. So it looks a little bit bland.

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Let’s add a new column in Airtable and call it image. Because it’s an image column we can upload images. We can also pick royalty-free images from Unsplash. We’ll do this for each of our items so our app looks more interesting.

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When we click on an item we see the details screen for that record. We can now add components and connect them to our data.

  • We’ll add a title component that shows the name and image.
  • A text component that shows the policy
  • A link component that shows the resource
  • A favorite component that allows people to save resources to their own list
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And, because we have a link column linking to related resources — we can add an inline list showing related topics.

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Now our users can browse a beautiful list of items and see related resources. But we can make this app even more helpful.


Step 1 — turn on the favorites bar

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Step 2 — add grouping

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Step 3 — add search and filtering

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Now our users can search, filter, and view by category. And they can favorite items.

Anytime HR makes a change or adds a new item in the base, it appears right away in the app. If you like to build useful apps like these, checkout our university.

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