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Process media automatically with Google Vision in Glide

We’re thrilled to announce that Glide offers a powerful integration with Google Vision—a cloud-based platform designed to help you better understand and organize your media.

The Google Vision integrations allow Glide users to streamline the media upload workflow. Your media is automatically processed by Google Vision and classified according to its characteristics. From labelling objects and text contained in images to landmark recognition in the photos themselves, you can easily browse and search your media library—helping to ensure that the relevant data is quickly accessible for your team.

In addition, the Google Vision integrations allow Glide users to unlock insights associated with their media files. By scanning images and videos and processing the associated text and audio, you can develop a more comprehensive understanding of your media library. This data can be used to hone in on the most relevant content—helping your team get more done faster.

In a nutshell: the Google Vision integrations for Glide make media classification, storage, and organization easier, faster, and more accessible than ever before. Start exploring these powerful integrations today and take your no-code app workflows to the next level.

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