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Google Maps
Geocoding and address completion
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Geocoding and address completion in your Glide apps with Google Maps

This is the integration that will enhance your app's location-based functionality. With this integration, you can easily convert addresses to coordinates, complete partial or unformatted addresses, and calculate distances and durations between two locations. Imagine being able to provide your Glide app users with accurate location-based information, such as the distance to a nearby store or the estimated travel time to their destination. With the Google Maps integration for Glide, it's all possible.

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  • Get coordinates for address
    Get geocoordinates for an address
    1 credit
  • Get address from coordinates
    Get an address from geocoordinates
    1 credit
  • Complete address
    Complete a partial or unformatted address
    1 credit
  • Calculate distance
    Calculate the distance and duration between two addresses
    1 credit

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