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Data Structures
Data Structures

Experimental data structures. These are not guaranteed to be stable, and they are not atomic, meaning that if multiple users change them at the same time, the result may not be what you expect.

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Structure and manipulate data in your Glide app (experimental)

Introducing the Data Structures integration for Glide - the ultimate tool for managing your app's data in a powerful and flexible way. With this experimental integration, you can perform various functions, including adding elements to sets, creating sets from arrays, removing elements from sets, and more. Imagine being able to easily manage and manipulate your app's data structures, all while maintaining flexibility and control over your data. With the Data Structures integration for Glide, you can do just that and more.

Keep in mind, however, that this integration is experimental and not guaranteed to be stable. It is not atomic, meaning that changes made by multiple users simultaneously may not produce the expected results.

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  • Add element to set
    Add an element to a set
  • Array to set
    Create a set from an array
  • Remove element from set
    Remove an element from a set
  • Remove all elements
    Remove all elements from a set
  • Set contains element
    Whether set contains an element
  • Empty set
    An empty set
  • Set size
    Number of elements in set

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