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Kyle Heney

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Ottawa, ON Canada

Skills & Expertise

Excel, Drupal, Health Care, Privacy and Risk Management

My main area of work is in the Health sector, with specialties in Privacy, Risk Management, Health & Safety, and Property Management... though I can build apps for any type of business or personal use and at any budget!


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Templates by Kyle Heney
Apps by Kyle Heney
Asset Tracker

Uses asset numbers to keep track of the location of furniture, etc. at a business.


Created for my organization to help promote National Infection Control Week (October).

SH Check Up

Here’s an app that we’re going to use for staff to check in and out of off-site locations. A “lone worker” solution was needed for our staff that work in the community and most offerings are approx. $25/user/month, which can get quite pricey when you have a larger staff (and you’re a non-profit!). The actual app (not the copy) uses Zapier to send emails as text messages (using the cell phone carrier’s SMS gateway). I found this to be easier than sending SMS directly from Zapier. The “Zaps” work on new spreadsheet rows (to notify specific Manager of a check-in) and another one on a row update that looks at a specific column — column will change to “TRUE” if employee has checked in before the set deadline, which will trigger the Zap. Another column triggers a 3rd Zap that will notify the Manager if the employee has not checked in by the specified time. This app also features an area for Managers only so that a Manager has an individual view of all their staff that have checked in. Employees themselves can only view their own check-ins and information.

Guys Weekend

Here’s a quick “Guys Weekend” app I made for an upcoming weekend getaway that needed to be organized. Users can sign up with their email and then can say what food and drinks they’re bringing for the event. When a meal is spoken for (i.e. Dinner on Friday), that event is removed from the “Needs” tab and added to the “Meals” tab. The app lets users edit their own user profile (not others’) and allows users to edit/delete only the items they’ve added (not others’). The app uses copies of sheets to accomplish this and relations that are linked to the user profiles. The sheets called “Copy of…” are the ones that users can edit based on their email address, whereas the sheets not named “Copy of…” are not editable and not restricted per user (basically all users can view only). Hopefully this can help others looking to accomplish a similar goal.

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