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Kyle Heney

Kyle Heney

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Ottawa, ON Canada


With over a decade of experience working with non-profits, I can help turn your dated processes into modern and adaptable solutions, all while keeping budgets in check and employees engaged. Be sure to check out @GlideNonProfit on Twitter!

Skills & Expertise

Admin Portals,Communities,Directories,Education,Events,Healthcare,Internal Tools,Relations,Support,User Profiles


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Templates by Kyle
Daily Time Sheet

Submit daily hours for approval by a Manager. Logic within the app prevents duplication of hours and provides the ability to submit current or late time sheets based on predefined bi-weekly pay periods. Submitted hours are also sent to a Google Sheet for further use or exporting needs.

Community Donations

Collect and track donations from others. Categorize donations as needed, and easily identify categories that are a "high need" at any time.

Staffing Assignments

Create and assign jobs to workers. This can be useful for tracking temporary or permanent work assignments.

Expense Reporter

Submit and track expenses for approval by a Manager.

My Blog

Create your own online blog for others to view and comment on your posts! Easily hide posts from public view, enable or disabled comments per post, and track all your content by category.

Work From Work Tracker

Book a space to work at a physical site. Room capacities help ensure physical distancing measures among occupants.

Work From Home Tracker

Teleworking is great, but keeping track of who is working when can be tough. Employees can use this app to submit their availability 'today' and add blocks of unavailable times to let others know when they'll be available on a particular day.

Organizational Risk Tracker

Track risks at your organization and display them in an intuitive and interactive heat map. Users can collaborate and "like" their preferred mitigation strategies.

Task Manager

Create and assign tasks to employees, or create your own as an employee to keep track of ongoing projects. Users can delete tasks, or move them to a personalized archive to store old tasks out of their main view.

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