Certified Expert

Jesus Vargas

Cancun, Mexico
Areas of expertise
Google Sheets, Design, Sales, Marketing, Web Development
As a business owner, I have an extensive background in building digital products and automation. I am passionate about helping businesses and companies launch and improve their operations, sales and processes, and doing so with a beautiful design and user experience. I run LowCode Agency; we are working on being the largest Glide app agency in the world by 2020.
Templates by Jesus Vargas
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Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is a phone call required?

During your kick-off call, the Expert will determine whether Glide is a good fit for your project and outline a high-level strategy for creating your app.

Why do I have to pay $20 for an initial call?

This is a deposit that is refunded after the call. We require this to discourage no-shows.

How does payment work?

After the call, your Expert will send you a project proposal. Once you agree to the project, you’ll pay 50% up-front and 50% when the work is delivered.

What if I have a problem with my Expert?

If you have any problems whatsoever, please contact the Glide team directly at support@glideapps.com.