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Jesus Vargas ✅

Miami, FL / Cancun, MX
Areas of expertise
Google Sheets, Design, Sales, Marketing, Web Development
I run LowCode Agency; we are working on being the largest Glide app agency in the world by 2020. We've developed over 196 apps for small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. As a business owner, I have an extensive background in building digital products and automation. I am passionate about helping businesses and companies launch and improve their operations, sales and processes, and doing so with a beautiful design and user experience.
Templates by Jesus Vargas ✅
Apps by Jesus Vargas ✅


An Airbnb app for vacation rental properties, with transport, tours and other up-sells.

Summer Workout

A 21 day workout challenge by Bullsharks.mx head coach, Ivonne


A list of over 1,600 restaurants open during lockdown in Mexico City. Users can filter by location, type of food, etc; and find the nearest one. App got sponsored by American Express.


A simple church app to keep updated and in touch.

Sailors Club

A booking app for a boat & yacht rental company.

Solar Panel Cancun

App for a solar panel installation company

Mareazul Hotel

Official app for Mareazul, a large hotel in Playa del Carmen

Skyline Champion

A supply chain app to order production to the mill.

Macondo 5th Av Hotel

Official app of Macondo 5th Av Hotel, in Playa del Carmen

Distrito Gourmet Restaurant

App for a restaurant group. The objective # 1 was to create a quick solution for them to sell gift cards during lockdown. Phase # 2 will be converting the app into a full fledged delivery app.


A marketplace of online classes by the best teachers in their niche. The app provides a payment option for 1 class and packages.


Simple app for online classes for kids

Hair & Nails Salon and Spa

A template for salons and spas to manage their operations and bookings.

Restaurant Menu

A beautiful, 1 page app with a menu for the #1 rated restaurant in the famous Acapulco!

Yelp-ish Glide App

A Yelp like app.

Euforia e-Commerce Store

Simple e-commerce app to sell flowers.

Cal's Mobile Auto Detail

We at https://lowcode.agency recently delivered another simple app, but integrated with Calendly, using the webview component, ended up being an amazing app, both for our clients and his clients. Clients book through the app. We connected calendly with Zapier back to the spreadsheet, so the business owner can keep track of the services that have been booked. We built a couple of tabs with reports for the owner. The client gets in his/her profile a list of the services they’ve requested from the business. Using the recent workflow automations from Calendly, we even set up reminders to the clients to book again their car detailing service. Simple, yet powerful!


I wanted to share with you guys an app we at https://lowcode.agency helped build called kuery.app It’s a yelp-like app where businesses can add their listing and publish their menus, items, etc. Since the client has commitments from hundreds of businesses to be part of the app, they decided to build one app for businesses to add their information, and another, public app.

The Peacewatchers

An app where users can report their location to the community when they feel threatened.

Consejo Coordinador Empresarial

Needs Internal app for the largest & most important business organization in Mexico. They needed to show user specific information depending the access level of each user. Results Hundreds of users and a dozen admins managing information, uploading files, reports, videos and calendar events in an easy to use app.

Learn to Glide with Jesus

An app with videos and templates to learn how to use Glide.

Paititi Restaurant

Digital (post-COVID) and multilingual menu for restaurant.


An app to provide continuous education to retail employees in Australia.

The Freebirds Community

An app to manage a community, jobs, content and more.


SMS marketing for growing virtual restaurants

Just Like Me

JustLikeMe; make informed decisions about your life insurance purchase by providing you with information on life insurance purchases made by people just like you.

EDI app

Solution that provides diversity education to enterprises and large groups of people.

Conscience Cart

The easy way to shop your conscience with confidence

African Bride Book

Marketplace for African wedding vendors and clients

Speak at Podcast

An app to match podcasters and guests.

Connect 2 Docs 4 Kids

A public directory of pediatric practices with subscription module included in the Glide app!


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