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Amit Sarda

Amit Sarda

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With 300+ Glide Apps (Pages and Apps), and ~40 Glide Templates, I have built MVPs and internal tools for businesses and teams. I have also helped entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground using rapid prototyping. Bring your ideas to life with the help of a Glide Apps Certified Expert, with a scalable solution and superior UI/UX design, freeing you up to focus on getting distribution, traction, and adoption for your ideas and products.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Templates by Amit
Advanced CRM

Manage your communications with your customers, open deals, scheduled activities in one place. Use it as a sales CRM or a personal CRM out of the box. Ideal for small businesses, busy individuals interested in networking. Est. Time: 8 hours

Digital Art Gallery

Showcase your art in the form of an app. Auction your art, accept bids from your fans, and allow highest bidder to buy. Ideal for artists, gallery owners, painters, sculptors, photographers. Est. Time: 3 hours

Order Management

An app to manage order delivery. Assign orders to individuals, who can fulfil each in turn, and update the order status. Ideal for small businesses, warehouses, logistics players, small teams. Est. Time: 4 hours

Employee Training

Manage employee training programs on the go! Ideal for small businesses, startups, teams, educational institutes, online programs, career tracks. Est. Time: 6 hours

Expense Tracker

Log your personal or business expenses by category, payment method, the platform you transacted on. A dashboard shows you the breakup of your expenses by each segment. Ideal for individuals, households, families, businesses, travellers. Est. Time: 3 hours

Inventory Tracker

Track inventory in your kitchen, office, pantry, restaurant efficiently. Ideal for small businesses, households, families, bachelors, roommates, restaurants, cloud kitchens. Est. Time: 4 hours

Memberships Management

Manage memberships, renewals, birthday reminders for any membership setup, be it clubs, gyms, mastermind groups, coaching, etc.

Courses Discovery

Publish courses, showcase teachers/trainers, announce classes and schedules to participants of your courses. Ideal for educational institutes, schools, coaching, virtual classes, fitness coaching. Est. Time: 6 hours

Apps by Amit

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