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Amit Sarda

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Skills & Expertise

MVP/Prototype Development, Google Sheets Design, Gamification, Complex Usecases Design, Internal Applications/Tools

I have developed 200+ apps and have published more than 30 Glide Apps Templates in the Glide Apps Template Store. I have helped many entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground with Glide Apps using rapid prototyping. I have also helped businesses build internal applications and tools for their teams. With these engagements, it also helps to be a Business Consultant and a Google Sheets Expert. Glide Apps is the perfect platform to adopt the "show, don't tell" philosophy to test new product ideas, and a Glide Apps Certified Expert like me can get you there faster, with a superior UI/UX design, while you focus on getting traction for your app.


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Templates by Amit Sarda
Restaurant Digital Menu

Show your customers what your restaurant has to offer. Launch a digital menu for your restaurant in minutes. Allow users to browse items on your menu by category, while also providing nutritional information of dishes in the app. Let the pictures of the items on your menu improve your customers' appetite. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, diners, hotels. Est. Time: 1.5 hours

Inventory Tracker

Track inventory in your kitchen, office, pantry, restaurant efficiently. Ideal for small businesses, households, families, bachelors, roommates, restaurants, cloud kitchens. Est. Time: 4 hours

Simple To Do List

Things can be simple when you know what you've to do. Create tasks, assign them to your team members. Ideal for small teams, individuals, freelancers, agencies. Est. Time: 2 hours

Translation Buddy

A handy translation app when you're in a new place. Add commonly used phrases and have a handy guide to translate those phrases in the local language. While you're at it, also learn the words and check them off once you've learned them. Ideal for world travelers, solo backpackers, tourists. Est. Time: 1 hour

Personal Stock Portfolio

Log your stock market investments in one place. Track how your stock portfolio performs over time without sharing your investment data with third party apps. Ideal for stock market investors, stock market traders. Est. Time: 2 hours

Daily Quiz

Quick Quizzes for Fun! Allow users to preview a quiz, before they sign up! Signed in users can take the latest quiz. A user can take the quiz multiple times, but only the score from the first attempt is counted towards the leaderboard standing. Users can also see their past performances from their Profile tab. Admin users can create quizzes and questions from within the app! Ideal for friends, families, classroom, parties, teams. Est. Time: 12 hours

Quiz Time

Administer a fun quiz for your friends, family, students, colleagues, enemies. Participants see instant results and scores! Ideal for friends, families, classroom, parties, teams. Est. Time: 4 hours

Advanced CRM

Manage your communications with your customers, open deals, scheduled activities in one place. Use it as a sales CRM or a personal CRM out of the box. Ideal for small businesses, busy individuals interested in networking. Est. Time: 8 hours

Advanced To Do List

An advanced multi-user To Do List App that lets you plan your tasks based on urgency and importance. Create and assign tasks to members in your team. Complete tasks based on the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Ideal for individuals, small teams, agencies. Est. Time: 4 hours

Time Tracker

Log time for things you're working on. Add clients, create new projects for each client, log time worked against each project. Ideal for consulting, agencies, small teams, freelancers. Est. Time: 6 hours

Reimbursements Management

One-stop solution to manage reimbursement requests and approvals seamlessly. Employees submit requests which are approved by their managers. Ideal for small businesses, startups, consulting, agencies, small teams, freelancers. Est. Time: 6 hours

Expense Tracker

Log your personal or business expenses by category, payment method, the platform you transacted on. A dashboard shows you the breakup of your expenses by each segment. Ideal for individuals, households, families, businesses, travellers. Est. Time: 3 hours

Workout Logger

Create custom workout plans within the app for each day. Log your exercises daily according to your plan to become a better version of yourself. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, weight-loss aspirants. Est. Time: 4 hours

Birthday Wall

Celebrate birthdays in your team together with everyone! Don't forget your team's birthdays while we are all busy working remotely. Ideal for teams, businesses, agencies, friends, classrooms, groups. Est. Time: 2 hours

Courses Discovery

Publish courses, showcase teachers/trainers, announce classes and schedules to participants of your courses. Ideal for educational institutes, schools, coaching, virtual classes, fitness coaching. Est. Time: 6 hours

Employee Training

Manage employee training programs on the go! Ideal for small businesses, startups, teams, educational institutes, online programs, career tracks. Est. Time: 6 hours

Order Management

An app to manage order delivery. Assign orders to individuals, who can fulfil each in turn, and update the order status. Ideal for small businesses, warehouses, logistics players, small teams. Est. Time: 4 hours

Digital Art Gallery

Showcase your art in the form of an app. Auction your art, accept bids from your fans, and allow highest bidder to buy. Ideal for artists, gallery owners, painters, sculptors, photographers. Est. Time: 3 hours

User Onboarding Module for Public Apps

An onboarding flow for public apps, where users can first see what the app is all about. If they're convinced, they can sign up to the app and complete the onboarding. You can also show Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of your app. Ideal for app makers looking to build an app with an inbuilt onboarding flow. Est. Time: 3 hours

Daily Journal

Life is what happens when you plan for the future. Log your life details while it slips away. Made for a contented life. Ideal for individuals practicing mindfulness. Est. Time: 2 hours

User Onboarding Flow Module

Why start your app development from scratch when you can start with an app that does the heavy-lifting for you? Kick start your development with this handy template that has a new user onboarding flow pre-configured, easily saving you quite a few hours. Ideal for app makers looking to build an app with an inbuilt onboarding flow. Est. Time: 2 hours

Your eCommerce Store

Launch your own online store in minutes. Allow users to browse your inventory by category and allow them to checkout in-app. Ideal for small businesses, boutique stores, cafes, specialty stores, mom-and-pop stores. Est. Time: 2 hours

About Me

All your online profiles and collections in one place! Add, edit, configure the app from within the app. Ideal for individuals, consultants, artists, networking enthusiasts, agencies. Est. Time: 1.5 hours

Apps by Amit Sarda
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