The ultimate fusion of no-code automation and AI

Demo: Supercharge your sales prospecting with Glide +


Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Tuesday, July 18th

2 pm GMT+0

YouTube Live

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Supercharge your prospecting with Glide +, the ultimate fusion of no-code automation and AI. ⚡️🤖

​Join Andy Claremont and Ivan Escobar, the Heads of Community for Glide and, as we show you how to build a powerful app for prospecting at scale.

​We'll cover:

  • ​Using to automate tasks in your browser

  • ​Scraping and storing data in Google Sheets

  • ​Using Glide to quickly build and launch a functional web app

​We're covering the Real Estate industry in this demo, but the takeaways are adaptable to any business that needs to ramp up their prospecting game or work with scraped data.

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