Building a workforce management app for 250+ users

Transforming a proof-of-concept Glide app into an essential resource


Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Friday, May 19th

9 pm GMT+0

How do you transform a proof-of-concept Glide app into an essential company resource?

​Brian Banks and Cliff Switzer from Texas-based Lone Star Communications figured it out.

  • ​Lone Star installs and services critical communication infrastructure in healthcare and schools across the United States.

  • ​They built a Glide app to give their team of 100+ field techs easier access to technical and support documentation. It was a hit!

  • ​The app has since expanded to become a vital workforce management tool for the entire company. That's 250+ users in 9 offices across 8 states.

​We'll cover:

  • ​Why Lone Star went all-in on Glide

  • ​Incrementally evolving your app over time

  • ​How to include your users in the build process

​This session will be streamed on YouTube Live.

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