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Building a $1M+ software agency with no code

Learn how to build a thriving no code development agency


Andy Claremont
Oscar Brooks

Andy Claremont, and Oscar Brooks

Wednesday, June 19th

5 pm GMT+0

V88 builds custom software solutions that solve their clients business process problems quickly, effectively, and affordably.

What started as a father-son duo has quickly expanded into a growing team of low code and no code development professionals. Join Oscar Brooks, CEO at V88, as we talk about:

  • Starting a software development agency from scratch

  • Qualifying clients and closing deals

  • Unlocking growth through scalable operations

This session is perfect if you're thinking about starting an agency, or expanding your existing agency into custom software development.

Key takeaways

  • V88 started small, with just two people and has grown into a more significant team over the years. The initial vision was focused on speed and cost-efficiency, providing immense value through quick and effective communication solutions. This vision has evolved but remains anchored on core beliefs of innovation and commitment to customer delight.

  • V88 are the "Glide guys" – entirely dedicated to using Glide for creating bespoke business software solutions. Their approach combines commercial acumen with deep technical knowledge, understanding client needs thoroughly before crafting solutions.

  • V88 frequently builds internal business solutions, predominantly for established businesses like law firms, property management firms, and construction companies. These solutions range from CRM systems to project management tools, all tailored to enhance efficiency and reduce pain points in clients’ existing processes.

  • Oscar’s journey began with a realization during his time at a software company. Frustrated by the inability to quickly and affordably customize software to meet customer needs, he turned to Glide. Fascinated by its potential and ease of use, Oscar quit his job, diving full-time into building with Glide and offering solutions to local businesses.

  • Despite having no background in agency or freelance work, Oscar’s determination led him to his first successful project. These initial wins involved direct outreach and leveraging community connections, often under challenging and nerve-wracking circumstances.

  • Understanding a client’s business and their specific needs is crucial. Oscar emphasizes the importance of listening and thoroughly understanding clients before proposing solutions. Regular check-ins and a structured yet flexible process help ensure V88 consistently meets and exceeds client expectations.

  • Dealing with common objections, such as doubts about Glide’s capabilities or concerns over pricing, requires a strategic approach. By sharing successful case studies and offering clear, honest communication, V88 reassures clients of Glide’s power and the value it can bring.

  • V88’s development process focuses heavily on data structure, regular client check-ins, internal QA, and post-launch support. They use a comprehensive system built on Glide for internal operations, showcasing the platform’s versatility and their deep understanding of its capabilities.

  • Oscar highlights the importance of building a team that embodies honesty, good communication, and a passion for problem-solving. The V88 team uses both internal and external resources to continually sharpen their skills and stay updated with the latest Glide features.

  • Oscar’s advice to those looking to start their own agencies? Be prepared for significant challenges, start small, and grow organically. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and engage with the Glide Experts community are key to long-term success.

  • For V88, success metrics center around client satisfaction and delivering high value. The team ensures their work is fairly priced and consistently meets client needs.

  • On the topic of AI, V88 sees significant potential and is cautiously optimistic, planning to integrate AI in ways that provide genuine value to clients without becoming a mere gimmick.

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