Build With Glide + AI: Using OpenAI in your Glide apps

Learn how to use OpenAI in your Glide apps


Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Thursday, June 29th

5 pm GMT+0

How do you use OpenAI in your Glide apps? 🤔

​The new OpenAI integration lets you put the power of ChatGPT, DALL-E, and more into your Glide apps.

​Join this Build With Glide session where we'll cover:

  • ​Setting up the OpenAI integration

  • ​Using OpenAI in your data

  • ​Using OpenAI in your custom actions

​This session is great for Glide beginners and experienced users alike. We'll be guided by Marco Volpato from Loqode. Check them out on YouTube for more Glide tips and tutorials.

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