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Signature Component

Write and upload signatures to your data source.

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With the Signature component, you can let users sign for things in your project. When someone adds their signature, the Signature component generates an image and writes the link to that image to your project's Data Source. It will then display their signature in the component.

An use case of the Signature Component
An use case of the Signature Component


After adding a Signature component, you'll need to select which Column to write the user's signature to.

Selecting the column to write the signature to
Selecting the column to write the signature to

If you want each user's signature to be specific to them every item, then you will want to create a User-specific Column for the Signature.


Next, you can design how the Signature component appears in your project.

  • The Title is displayed above the signature box.
  • The Hint text is displayed in the component before a signature exists.
  • The Message appears under the signature when a user is signing

The Signature component is particularly useful in Forms. Bear in mind that it will not write to the sheet until the form is submitted.

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