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Progress Bar

Display the progress of a value between two limits

The Progress Bar Component is only available in Apps, not Glide Pages.

Configure the Progress Bar component


The Progress Bar displays a horizontal line, circle, or half circle, which fills up according to a column in your data source.


Select the column that should affect the progress bar's current status. Next, the progress bar needs to know what the Minimum and Maximum values should be. By default, Glide fills these fields with 0 as the minimum and 100 as the maximum. The progress bar's minimum and maximum can be values from your data source, or you can set Custom Values. If you choose column values in your data source this means that the max and min for your progress bar can be dynamic.

For example, the user can set their own 'Start' (minimum) and 'Finish' (maximum). These two columns are tied to the max and min of the progress bar.


Lastly, give your progress bar a Title and Caption. If you select a circular style, you can also check Show total in center to reveal a percentage for the users’ progress.

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