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Choice Component

Pick options from a list

The Choice Component is available in both Glide Apps and Glide Pages, but options may differ slightly.

The Choice component allows users to select an option from a predefined list.

Configure a Choice component


In the Write to field, select the column from your Data Source where you want the choices to be recorded. If you are using the choice component within a Form, you’ll also be able to set a default value that pre-fills this field. This remains editable by the user.


Select the source table that contains the options to be displayed. For Values, choose the column that contains the options users will pick from. If you’d like to display an image and/or alternate text in your choice, you can also configure the Images and Display as options.


You can add a Label to the Choice component to provide direction. You can also select a Style:

  • Dropdown
  • Chips

If you’ve selected the Dropdown style, and your list of choices is over 9 items, a search bar will automatically be added to allow people to search your choices.


  • You can limit the number of choices displayed.
  • If you’re using the choice component within a Form, you can set the choice to be Required. This means that the user will not be able to submit unless they've selected one of the options.
  • You can also configure Allow selecting multiple to let users select more than one of the options displayed. The multiple selections will be stored in your data source (in the column chosen as the Write to column) as a comma-separated value. This is particularly useful when you want to filter list items that include the users’ selection(s).

Enable Options settings


You can define when your choice will be displayed by creating specific conditions. In the Visibility section, click the Add Condition button to create your conditions.

Filter data

You can filter the choices displayed based on their properties. In Filter Data section, click the Add Filter button to create your filters.

Sort data

By default, choices appear in the same order as they are in your data source. However, you can customize this so that choices are sorted according to specific criteria. In the Sort section, click on the Sort by Sheet order field to open the menu and configure your sort options.

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