Preview As, Protected Columns, Anonymized Emails + more!

Here are some of the latest new features in Glide

Preview As, Protected Columns, Anonymized Emails + more!
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Enhancements to Preview As

The Preview As experience has been updated to include a searchable list of Users. If your app uses User Profiles, then you will be able to search for a user’s name, email or role and preview the app as them.

Protected Columns

Apps on our paid plans can now use Protected Columns. Protected columns allow you to add an extra layer of security to your data. Mark a column as protected and Glide will hide it, making it impossible to be loaded inside your app or the Data Editor.

Anonymized Emails

Glide can now generate virtual email addresses for users of your app—users sign in normally, and developers never see their real email. This protects user privacy and minimizes the sharing of personal info. Learn more.

All New Data Editor

We rebuilt the Data Editor from scratch and it’s now 5x faster when it comes to scrolling & interacting. You can now add new rows, Ctrl/Cmd F to search and resize columns.


  • You can now upload files up to 1GB in size in Pro apps (with 10GB storage in total).
  • We started a new collection of templates designed specifically for businesses using Glide at work. Stay tuned for many more templates in future.

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