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Introducing New Plans and Pricing

We’re evolving our pricing model to align better with how Gliders create custom software for their needs




Introducing New Plans and Pricing

Glide is on a mission to put the power, beauty, and magic of software development in the hands of a billion new creators. We started our journey five years ago; since then, over a million teams have built custom apps using Glide. In that time, the needs of our customers have evolved.

We’ve thought about what that evolution means and absorbed the generous feedback we’ve been given. The needs our customers have communicated to us have guided this process. The result is a pricing model that better reflects how users become successful with Glide.

Plans are designed to meet the needs of creators and individuals:

  • Free plan to explore Glide’s core features

  • Maker plan to prototype business ideas, or run an app for your community or school

To support the workflows of businesses:

  • Team plan to turn spreadsheets like Excel and Airtable into collaborative tools for your team

  • Business plan for your company to build powerful software on top of databases

  • Enterprise plan to deploy and scale custom tools across your entire organization

Or to help people who are building software for others:

  • Agency plan to give Certified Experts the tools they need to serve clients

Our new plans are tailored for the different types of individuals and teams using Glide, the specific kinds of software they want to build, and who they intend to build that software for. We've also heard your requests and added annual plans at 20% off. 

Let's take a look at each plan.

Free plan

The best way to grasp the power of Glide is to try it for yourself. Our Free plan shows you how much you can do in Glide without depending on external services, and it continues to be the easiest way to learn no code software development. Explore at your own pace, whether you need a day, a weekend, or a few months to learn Glide. 

We believe in learning to build software freely. Glide has always and always will have a free plan.

You can build an unlimited number of apps within your Glide dashboard, and you can publish one app at a time to share with others. Your Free published app can be shared within your company or group with up to ten personal users. You can manage your app’s data in Glide Tables, where we’ve removed Update costs for Free users, and your apps can use the same number of rows as our paid Maker & Team plans.

Start building for free

Maker plan

To the tens of thousands of no code enthusiasts, educators, community builders, and entrepreneurs who make up the Glide community: the new Maker plan is for you. The Maker plan includes one app with unlimited personal users, and you have the ability to purchase up to five published apps as needed.

We’ve created a plan catered to how you’re using Glide today. Since your app is more likely to be shared broadly, this plan includes an unlimited number of users with personal or educational email addresses. You’ll have access to Google Sheets since our data indicates that is the most widely used data source for makers.

We’ve given you access to all third-party integrations as well as the power of Glide AI to enhance your app and the ability to white label it with your own logo, domain, and brand identity.

Get the Maker Plan

Team plan

To those using spreadsheets to run their businesses, processes, and workflows: the Team plan is for you. With this plan, you can build all the business apps you need on top of your existing spreadsheet data. 

The Team plan helps you build multiple Glide apps alongside your colleagues, where apps share common data sources and integrations. With the Team plan, you gain access to:

  • Multiple editors and unlimited apps

  • A set of included users that you can scale as needed

  • Syncing with external data sources like Excel, Airtable, and Google Sheets

  • Custom branding so users can log into your company’s branded software

  • Glide API to integrate with external tools

  • Dedicated support from the Glide team

Try the Team plan with a 30-day free trial.

Start the Team Plan

Business plan

You need more power to create interconnected systems of software that can power your entire organization. Our new Business plan caters to organizations that need to build custom solutions on top of their existing databases. If you need more scale, scope, and support for building company-wide apps, Business is for you.

The new Business plan gives you additional capabilities such as:

  • Read-write data in Postgres, MySQL, Cloud SQL, and Microsft SQL Server

  • Read-only custom queries for SQL data sources and BigQuery

  • Glide Big Tables with 10 million rows as a  queryable data source to extend your data

  • Glide API with Querying for fetching and querying data in Glide Tables and Big Tables

  • Sending and receiving data from external services via Call API

  • Personalized onboarding for you and your team with annual plans

  • The ability to add SSO to your apps for an additional fee

Try the Business plan with a 30-day free trial.

Enterprise plan

Larger teams and organizations usually have unique sets of requirements. Enterprise exists for those of you with specific cases that need a customized approach to fit your business. If you have high-scale business needs, such as customer portals that require 100+ users or other specific use cases, contact our team so we can create a plan that fits you perfectly.

Everything included on Business, plus:

  • Unlimited apps

  • Unlimited editors

  • Custom users and updates with volume discounts for high-scale usage

  • Custom terms and a service level agreement

  • Dedicated account manager and priority support

Contact sales

Agency Plan

Glide Certified Experts now have access to the Agency Plan, which gives them access to all the powerful features of the Business plan at a reduced annual price. It gives the people who are building apps for clients the tools they need to demonstrate the power of Glide, and effectively close client deals.

To sign up, contact Brett Haralson, Head of Experts Program, via the Expert Hub or the Experts Slack channel.

A plan for everyone

We realigned our plans to make sure there is an option for everyone. 2023 was our Year of Power, and we focused on adding highly-requested features, increased capabilities, and more data scope to Glide and the apps you build with it. This journey will continue as our platform and our community grow.

Thank you to all of our Glide customers for being with us on this journey. You’ll be able to stay on your existing plans. If you have any questions, head to our Community forum. Your innovation using Glide and the capabilities you’ve requested have helped our platform develop. As we grow Glide’s capabilities, we will continue adding features, building the power of your apps, and optimizing our approach for the success of our platform and your ventures. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what comes next and what you will build with it.

If you still want to know more, check out our resources:

If you want to hear more from Jack about our plans, watch the video below:

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