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Community Challenge: Add AI to your Glide apps

To celebrate the end of our Build With Glide + AI series, we invited the Glide community to share how they’re incorporating AI in their Glide apps. Four winners received $250 for their stellar entries. Here’s a recap of what they built.

Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

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Community Challenge: Add AI to your Glide apps

July was a big month for AI in the Glide community.

We held back-to-back Build With Glide sessions showing you how to put AI to work in your Glide apps. Each session was co-hosted by a Glide Expert or partner, including Marco Volpato (Loqode); Robert Petitto; Miguel Hernandez (Grumo Media); and

You can watch the replays on our YouTube channel.

To celebrate the wrap-up of our series, we held a Glide Community Challenge inviting members to share how they’re incorporating AI in their Glide apps. Four winners received $250 for their stellar entries.

Here’s what our winners built: by Emmett Maher

An audio transcription app with AI enhancements. was an easy choice thanks to its practical utility, a clear and well-presented entry, and the touch of branding polish. Emmet’s work here is a strong example of how to execute on simple functionality. Your Glide app doesn’t need to be complex to be great.

My Music Dream Team by Erwin Blom

Eight AI assistants offer guidance catering to the music industry. Erwin’s entry was compelling as a business app solving a need for a specific niche. The use of Midjourney to generate illustrations for each of the assistants pushed it to the next level. Lots of character (literally) helped this entry stand out. by TJ Talusan

Answer some questions about an upcoming trip and TravelGenius will prepare the perfect itinerary. We appreciated the small, helpful touches that TJ sprinkled throughout this app. The “create itinerary” form tells you how many OpenAI credits would be used; there’s a budget breakdown, supporting links, and emergency contact info; and action buttons let users share travel plans with others. Try it for yourself.

Prompt builder by Kristian Voigt

Kristian took inspiration from a LinkedIn post and ran with it, building a Glide app that lets you generate new prompts based on powerful OpenAI prompt templates. There are tons of OpenAI prompt collections floating around on the web, and this app makes them immediately actionable.


Congratulations again to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge! If you missed this one, don’t worry - there’s always another Glide Community Challenge in the works.

At the time of posting this, we’re running a month-long challenge to create courses for Glide University, our newly-refreshed home for teaching & learning Glide.

Want in? You can take part by joining us in the Glide community forum.

Get started building your own AI-powered app today.

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Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Andy’s no code journey started with WYSIWYG editors in the 90’s. He’s been on a grand tour of codeless development ever since. These days he’s wrangling Glide events, partnerships, and community activities from the remote Toronto suburbs.

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