NewsPublished April 28, 2020

Glide Apps for Communities in Crisis

Over the last few weeks we've seen hundreds of apps published, dedicated to helping people deal with the pandemic. Here are some stories.

Glide Apps for Communities in Crisis

Over the last few weeks we've seen hundreds of new apps published — dedicated to helping people deal with the Coronavirus crisis. We’ve been inspired and moved by the developers behind these projects and the impact they are having on communities worldwide.

COVID Glide Apps

The Glide community has been adding many of these to a dedicated app. We caught up with just some of these amazing folks and asked them about the story behind their apps. Here are just a few 👇

COVID 19 Educational Resources

As COVID 19 forced schools to shut down around the world, Lynne, a digital learning specialist took on the challenge of collating remote education resources for a rapidly growing audience.

With the help of Kyle, a Glide Expert, Lynne released an early version of her app and immediately the teaching community starting contributing to it.

Now with the help of over 80 volunteers across the globe - Lynne’s crowd-sourced app helps thousands of educators share resources and information on remote learning.

→ Watch the video here

Quarantine Film Festival

Brian Jagger and his team were heading to a big film festival when the COVID-19 lockdown started. As the lockdown started, he and some of the sponsers started to make plans for a virtual film festival.

From that came the Quarantine Film Festival app - an app that sources film submissions from anyone in the world and showcases them in different categories.

User’s can set up a profile, submit their homemade films and view other people's submissions in many different categories.

The finalists films will then be streamed live and Brian & his team will also be hosting a live awards show - all from within the app.

→ Watch the video here

Dida Academy

* not real student data

Dida Academy is a self directed learning centre for homeschooled students. Teachers at Dida support students through mentorship, project planning, workshops, and field trips. As soon as the Covid 19 lockdown started, Holly Phillips built an app to keep students connected with the school & each other.

Holly started making the app on a Monday and was onboarding students by Wednesday. Dida now runs their program entirely using Glide & Zoom.

→ Watch the video here

COVID 19 Toronto

With the COVID-19 Pandemic enforcing strict social distancing protocols in Canada, Zahra knew she had to build a better way of tracking resources and connections for her community. With the help and effort of her co-Torontonians, this app evolved into a huge crowd-sourced project, providing much needed resources to her city.

The app has now been made into a Glide template and has been used to do the same in London and a number of other major cities!


Many of Mexico City's restaurants are not on listed on delivery services like Deliveroo & Uber Eats. With social distancing measures in place, many of these were in real danger of going out of business. Jesús Vargas built Come CDMX to help restaurants et their patrons know how to order for carry out or delivery.

With thousands of users and over 1,300 restaurants listed, the app is now being endorsed and shared by Mexico's tourism board and sponsored by American Express.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from these awesome Gliders as much as we loved speaking with them. If this inspired you, try Glide for free and let us know what you make by tweeting @glideapps.

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