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  • Abbreviate Number

    Converts an integer into its most compact representation.

  • Adjust Color

    Modifies a color by brightening, darkening, saturating, and adjusting transparency.

  • Append Array

    Add one array to the end of another

  • Array Contains Element

    True if array contains the element. False otherwise.

  • Array Length

    Get the length of an array.

  • Barcode

    Generate barcodes.

  • Capitalize Text

    Converts the first character of string to upper case and the remaining to lower case.

  • Check Text Matches

    Check that text matches a regular expression.

  • Clamp

    Clamps a number within inclusive lower and upper bounds.

  • Color Palette

    Create a palette of colors from a start and end color.

  • Convert Units

    Convert a quantity from one unit to another.

  • Decode Text

    Decode text in a variety of formats.

  • Duplicated Items

    Find items duplicated in an array

  • Email to Photo

    Uses to find a person's photo given their email address.

  • Encode Text

    Encode text in a variety of formats.

  • Extract Matching Text

    Extract text matching a regular expression.

  • Extract Multiple Matching Text

    Extract text matching a regular expression, returning an array of matches.

  • Fetch JSON

    Fetch and optionally transform JSON

  • File Size

    Formats the value like a 'human-readable' file size (i.e. '13 KB', '4.1 MB', '102 bytes', etc).

  • Find Element Index

    Finds the first index of an element in an array

  • Format Date

    Powerful date & time formatting with luxon.

  • Get Part of URL

    Extract pieces of a URL.

  • Hero Icons

    Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS.

  • Hyperformula

    Run Excel formulas

  • Image from Color

    Get an image based on a CSS color.

  • Initials

    Get initials for text.

  • Is Falsey

    True if value is false or false-like, otherwise false.

  • Is Truthy

    True if value is true or true-like, otherwise false.

  • JavaScript

    Runs JavaScript

  • Kebab Case

    "hello world" → "hello-world"

  • Lorem Ipsum

    Produces a 'lorem ipsum' style string

  • Lowercase Text

    Converts string to lower case.

  • Markdown to HTML

    Convert markdown to HTML.

  • Not

    True becomes false. False (and blank) become true.

  • Ordinal

    Converts an integer to its ordinal as a string. e.g. 22nd

  • Pad Text

    Pads string on the left and right sides if it's shorter than length. Padding characters are truncated if they can't be evenly divided by length.

  • Pad Text at End

    Pads string on the right side if it's shorter than length. Padding characters are truncated if they exceed length.

  • Pad Text at Start

    Pads string on the left side if it's shorter than length. Padding characters are truncated if they exceed length.

  • Parts of Speech Extractor

    Parts of Speech extractor

  • Pluralize Text

    Returns the plural version of a given word if the value is not 1. The default suffix is 's'.

  • QR Code

    Generate QR codes from any value.

  • Random Number

    Turn any value into a stable random number.

  • Relative Time

    Given a date, returns a string with the relative time (e.g. '1 day ago').

  • Remove Element

    Remove all instances of an item from an array

  • Remove Elements

    Remove all elements in an array from another array

  • Remove Text Accents

    Deburrs string by converting Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A letters to basic Latin letters and removing combining diacritical marks.

  • Repeat Text

    Repeats the given string n times.

  • Replace All

    Replace every occurrence of some text with some other text.

  • Reverse Array

    Reverses the order of items in an array

  • Roll Dice

    Roll dice of various sizes.

  • SHA256 Hash

    The SHA256 column takes a string value and returns the 256 length string hash.

  • Single Element Array

    Convert a solitary value to an array

  • Slice Array

    Produces a subsection of an array by specifying the start and end indices

  • Sort Array

    Sort the items in an array

  • Start Case

    "hello world" → "Hello World"

  • Text is Email

    Indicates whether text is an email.

  • Text is URL

    Indicates whether text is a URL.

  • Text Length

    Gets the length of a text snippet

  • Text Offset

    Gets the zero-based offset of the zero-based N-th occurence of needle in haystack

  • Text Slice

    Gets a substring out of text, from zero-indexed "start" with an optional length

  • Text to Date

    Convert text to a date.

  • Text to Emoji

    Get an emoji from a piece of text

  • Transform JSON

    Transform JSON with JQ

  • Trim Whitespace

    Remove whitespace around text.

  • Truncate Text

    Truncates a string if it is longer than the specified number of characters. Truncated strings will end with a translatable ellipsis sequence ("…").

  • Unique Elements

    Remove duplicate entries from an array

  • Uppercase Text

    Converts string to upper case.

  • Word Count

    Count words in text.

  • YouTube Thumbnail

    Display video thumbnail images

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