Work at Glide

We're building Glide to make it easy & fun for anyone to create amazing software. We're looking for curious, creative, hard-working people who want to help.

Our Vibe

“The Glide team is why I enjoy working every day! I’m proud to be part of a team that works with passion, is always learning, and has me laughing before noon. I can't wait for our team to grow!”


Bry, Engineering

“There is nothing better than working on a revolutionary product driven by an incredibly relevant mission and a team you feel truly aligned with.”


Tristan, Design

“The Glide team is kind, welcoming, and talented. Everyone is committed to collaboration and clear communication, enabling us to ship an awesome product while maintaining a great work environment.”


Harleigh, Operations

Glide Team

Reasons to Join

Bold Mission

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers and power most apps on Earth by 2030. You can see why we need you!

Huuuuuge Impact

We're still a small team, so you'll have a big impact in any role. You'll have a hand in shaping our young company.

Ship Every Week

We have a "shipping culture"—you'll ship something your first week, and every week after that. Leave your slowpoke job in the dust!

Experienced, Friendly Team

We've been designing and building developer tools for decades. We're also kind and committed to helping you grow.

A Peek at Our Culture

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Glide's mission is to create a billion new software developers by 2030.