Free Software Resources for the IT Specialist

Free Software Resources for the IT Specialist

Explore our free tools designed to help IT specialists improve efficiency, and empower their organizations with custom apps.

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AI App Designer

AI generated app ideas that solve IT pain points

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Whether you’re looking to build an IT inventory management app, needing an IT ticketing system, or longing for an IT asset manager platform, our AI App Designer is the right place to start.

This AI-powered tool will hand you specs for building an app, suggest other, similarly helpful app ideas for the IT dept, and recommend a list of features that each app could potentially need.

AI IT Specialist

Save time on common questions with an AI-powered IT assistant

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How many times a week do you receive questions like “Where is my laptop’s serial number?” or “Why is my microphone not working?” These questions can be distracting, and can result in a lot of time spent answering relatively simple queries.

The AI-powered IT specialist app can be used by anybody in your organization for free, it can answer simple or complex IT-related questions, and it will give you back a handful of hours each week.

Free Template

Build an Employee Directory App your Team will Love

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As an IT specialist, juggling various spreadsheets for inventory, tooling, budgets, and more can be a pain. How much easier would life be if these assets lived in one centralized app? Accessible not only by the IT department, but by the entire org.

Using our Employee Portal template, you can give your organization access to information and company resources from a single unified location. Try this template as a starting point for your app & customize it to suit your company’s specific IT needs.

"When our techs are out in the field, they had to log into multiple manufacturer portals to get installation guides. We quickly built a Glide app so now they can get everything they need in one place, with two clicks."

Cliff Switzer, Healthcare Systems, Lone Star

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