Geocoding and address completion

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Radar's geocoding and address completion functionality in your Glide app

Looking for a powerful tool to help you manage location-based features in your app? Look no further than the Radar integration for Glide. With this geocoding and address completion integration, you can easily track a user's location, compute an address into coordinates, convert coordinates to an address, and more. Imagine being able to offer location-based services, such as local search or geofencing, with ease and accuracy. Say hello to a more streamlined and effective way of managing location-based features in your app with the Radar integration for Glide.

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  • Track once
    Track user location once
  • Get coordinates for address
    Get geocoordinates for an address
    1 update
  • Get address from coordinates
    Get an address from geocoordinates
    1 update
  • Complete address
    Complete a partial or unformatted address
    1 update
  • Calculate distance
    Get the distance between two addresses
    1 update

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