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Create PDFs and Google Docs from your data
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Generate PDFs and Google Docs from your Glide app's data

Looking for a powerful tool to help you create professional documents from your app's data? Look no further than the DocsAutomator integration for Glide! With this integration, you can easily generate PDFs and Google Docs directly from your Glide app's data, allowing you to create custom documents for your external app users or internal use. Imagine being able to automatically generate invoices, contracts, or reports with just a few clicks, all while keeping your data organized and up-to-date. With the DocsAutomator integration for Glide, you can.

Activating the DocsAutomator integration in Glide

  • ↪ In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • ↪ Navigate to the Integrations tab and then select DocsAutomator.
  • ↪ Click the Add to app button
  • ↪ From your DocsAutomator account, retrieve your API key from the Settings menu.
  • ↪ In Glide, enter this key into the API Key field under your DocsAutomator integration settings, along with the email address that you use to login to DocsAutomator.

Want to learn more? Read the documentation.

Read the documentation
  • Generate document
    Generate a document file using DocsAutomator
    5 credits

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