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Hint Component

Get attention to important text

The Hint Component is available in both Apps and Pages, but configuration options may differ slightly.

The Hint component highlights important text on the screen and brings it to the attention of a user.

Configure a Hint component


Use the menus in Title and Text to select the values from your data that will be displayed as content in the hint. You can also select Custom to enter Custom Values for these fields.

Choosing the values for Text
Choosing the values for Text


  • Select the Mood to change the color of your hint. By default, your hint will match your project’s accent color.
  • Use Align to select the desired text alignment, and Glide will apply it to both the text and the title of the component.


In Glide Pages, this is the behavior that will be triggered when users click on the button inside the Hint component. You can choose from any of the actions available in Glide, or you can create a new action.

  1. In General > Action, select the menu arrows.
  2. In Configure Action, select the dropdown menu to view action options.
  3. Select the action to be triggered when users tap your Rich Text component.
  4. If prompted, apply any additional settings in Configure Action.
Adding an action to Hint Component
Adding an action to Hint Component
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