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Button Component

Use buttons to trigger actions in your projects

The Button Component is available in both Glide Apps and Glide Pages, but options may differ slightly.

Buttons can be configured to trigger different Actions when your users tap or click on them.

In Apps

Types of Button Components

  • The Button component adds a single button to your App.
  • The Button Bar component adds two buttons side by side, each with its own configurable settings and actions.
  • The Form Button component adds a single button with the default Show Form Screen action pre-configured.
  • The Scan Barcode Button component adds a single button with the default Scan Bardcode action pre-configured.
  • The Buy Button component allows users to purchase items in your projects.

Configure a button component

In the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor, locate the Design section.

  • Select a Label for the button. This can be a column from your data source or Custom Values.
  • Select a Mood for the button to change its color.
  • Choose an Icon to appear in front of the label text.
  • Choose an option in the Show as field to modify the style for your button.

The default color of the Button component is defined by your app’s accent color.


This is the behavior that will be triggered when users tap on the Button component. You can choose from any of the actions available in Glide, or you can create a new action.

  1. In General > Action, select the menu arrows.
  2. In Configure Action, select the dropdown menu to view action options.
  3. Select the action to be triggered when users tap your Button component.
  4. If prompted, apply any additional settings in Configure Action.

In Pages

The Button (or Button Block) component in Glide Pages allows you to add one or several buttons in a horizontal layout. Although it’s very similar to the Button Bar component in an Apps, there are unique design options, including Alignment and Size. The Label of your buttons is also controlled within its Action settings**.**


In the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor, locate the Options section.

  • Select the Alignment for your button. You can choose Left, Center, or Right.
  • Select the Size of your button. Auto will adjust the button’s width depending on the length of the label. Wide will give your button extra padding even if the label is short.


Actions can be configured the same way as mentioned above for Apps. The difference with Pages though is that you can include multiple buttons by adding additional actions to the component. Inside each action, Title fields act as each button’s label.

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