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Button Component

Use buttons to trigger actions in your projects

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Glide Pages are now Glide Apps. Please refer to this article for up-to-date information, as some of this documentation is outdated.

Buttons can be configured to trigger different Actions when your users tap or click on them.

The Button (or Button Block) component allows you to add one or several buttons in a horizontal or verticle layout.

Use case of the Button component

Use case of the Button component


Locate the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor.

  • Select the Style for your button. You can choose Basic, Minimal, or Tiles.
  • Select the Size of your button. Auto will adjust the button's width depending on the length of the label. Wide will give your button extra padding even if the label is short.
  • Choosing Accent will add an accent to your button and button title. The Accent option is only available for Basic and Minimal styles.
  • You can also select between Show and Hide for the label on your Button component.

Configuring the Button component

Configuring the Button component


You can include multiple buttons by adding additional Actions to the component. Inside each Action, Title fields act as each button's label.

Adding multiple Actions

Adding multiple Actions

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