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Big Numbers

Display a single value in a block with two additional values

The Big Numbers Component is only available in Glide Pages, not Glide Apps.

The Big Numbers component displays a single number value in a large font and two smaller, optional text values. The Big Numbers component is ideal for showing top level reporting numbers. You can combine it with the Chart Component and data grid layout to create useful dashboards in your projects.

Configure a Big Numbers component


In the General tab on the right side of the Layout Editor, locate the Options section. Use the menu in the Value field to select the value from your data to display, or select Custom to enter a Custom Value for this field. This is the ‘big number’. The value can be any column from your table; a basic number column, rollup, lookup, math column or anything else.

The other two values for Name and Description are defaulted to custom values that you add directly within the component. However, you can also make these dynamic and link them to a column in your table.

You can add multiple Big Number blocks inside of a single Big Number component. Just click Add item to add a new Big Number to your list and click and drag on the three dots in the top left to re-arrange.

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