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Audio Components

Play and record audio files

Meet the new Glide Apps

Glide Pages are now Glide Apps. Please refer to this article for up-to-date information, as some of this documentation is outdated.

Whether it's meeting notes, podcast episodes, or music - audio components provide a simple way to play and record audio files in your app.

Use case of the Audio Component in an Applicant Tracker app
Use case of the Audio Component in an Applicant Tracker app

There are two types of Audio Components:

  1. Audio
  2. Audio Recorder

The Audio component plays audio, while the Audio Recorder records audio.

Adding and configuring the Audio components

  • Select the plus icon in the Components panel on the left side of the Layout Editor.
  • In Insert Component, locate Content and select Audio or Audio Recorder
  • If it's an Audio component, select the corresponding column for the Data field where your audio files are stored, or choose Custom to enter a link to an audio file.
  • If using an Audio Recorder component, select the appropriate column in the Save To field where you'd like to store the recorded audio file.
Locationg the Audio Components
Locationg the Audio Components

The audio file's URL must have an audio file extension, such as .wav, .mp3, or.m4a, and be publicly accessible.

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