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The cost of developers and designers to build a coded app was proving expensive and leading nowhere. With Glide, Maricopa County was able to realize a vision and create an app full of resources to help its citizens stay active and eat right.

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Maricopa Healthy had the vision to build an app that helps people find local farmers’ markets, delicious recipes, and fun ways to stay physically active.

The idea was to also support families and communities across Arizona to make healthy changes in homes and neighborhoods. However, the cost for developers and designers was proving too expensive and was leading nowhere.


Maricopa replaced an outdated App Store app that they couldn't update with a Glide app that they easily keep up-to-date with healthy activities, recipes, and other resources for over four million citizens.

For several months we struggled to launch our health and wellness app; we even hired a team of developers, without any success. We were able to spin up a working version in Glide in just a weekend and launched it last week to rave reviews.

Gannon Wegner | Digital Marketing Developer

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Each day, more and more users are able to find more than 30 local farmers’ markets, see what produce is available, view hours, and get directions with just a tap. Individuals can browse over 200 healthy, low-cost, and delicious recipes by category or ingredient with detailed nutrition information included.

Anyone can locate almost 700 parks across Maricopa County, and each listing includes park features, hours, and turn-by-turn directions. Users can participate in new activities and community groups, each matched to locations to play and city leagues to join. And, they can discover free and low-cost events happening all over town.


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